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Winter is finally over and spring has arrived! During the months of January through March 2016 we had a total of 18 snow days during this winter season as compared to the 34 days of snow and ice we experienced in 2015. So, we were fortunate to have experienced a relatively mild 2016 winter season.

Because of the mild winter season, the Public Works Department has been able to get off to an early start making repairs to the Township roads. We have already begun repairs to potholes, replaced some culverts, ditched some roads to control water drainage, and have started road berm repair.

On April 11, 2016 members of the Public Works Department will join the Supervisors for the Annual Town­ship Road Tour to evaluate every Township road and determine what maintenance and repairs need to occur. At this time, and jointly with the Supervisors, we will develop a master schedule for the maintenance and repair of the Township roads for the remainder of the 2016 year.

Already scheduled for this spring will be the replacement of the wooden decks on two bridges on Sugar Run Road. During this process each bridge will be closed for a day. Signs will be posed a few days in advance to notify residents of the bridge repairs.

We are pleased to announce that through the efforts of the Supervisors, Range Resources donated and ar­ranged for the delivery of 125 tons of A-2 aggregate to the Public Works Department maintenance building this past March. We plan on using this aggregate for surface repair on our Township roads.

The Township roads and streets are scheduled for annual sweeping to remove dirt and cinders Monday, April 18th through Friday, April 22nd 20:L6. Please, during this time, we ask that residents try to park vehicles off the roads and streets so we can complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Again this spring, the Township will provide dumpsters for Independence Township residents to use for the disposal of household bulk-items. Dumpsters will be available Friday, May 6th around noon, and will be removed Fri-clay, May 13th in the morning. They will be at the following locations: Independence Township Public Works Depart­ment maintenance building, behind the Independence Township Community Center, behind the Avella Volunteer Fire Department, and at Breezy Heights parking lot.

As always, please contact the Township office at (724) 587-3518 if you find your road needs our attention. Have a great spring everyone!