2018 Officers

Meeting – 3rd Wed, 6:30pm
Elected Township Supervisors  
Thomas Jennings Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Louis Brandenburg, Jr. Vice-Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Joyce McKenzie Supervisor
Cyndi Cecchini Secretary/Treasurer
Michael C. Cruny, Esq Open Records Officer
Harshman Group Building/Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Chief Mark E. Dorsey McDonald Police Department
Widmer Engineering  
Thomas Jennings Planning Commission
James Brinsky Planning Commission
Nicholas Cecchini Planning Commission
Joann Gagliani Planning Commission
Dale Tudor Planning Commission
Elected Auditors  
Jo Allen Cruny  
Melinda Latynski  
Patrick Defilippis  
Elected Tax Collector  
Thomas Simons  
Gary Sweat, Esq.