The vibrant summer season is upon us – full of activity, and a time when our senses are fully engaged!  The warmth of long sunny days, the richness of the colors of foliage and flowers, the smells of newly cut grass and fresh flowers, the refreshing tastes of fresh vegetables and fruits, and the pleasing sounds of birds chirping, insects humming, and children playing.  We extend our wishes to everyone that you may enjoy the richness, warmth, and pleasures that the summer season brings to our lives!

Over the past months much of our focus and time has been devoted to two issues-first, the maintenance and repairs of our township roads, and second, meetings with PennDOT discussing the deteriorated and unsafe conditions of the state-maintained roads in Independence Township.

On April 29, 2015, the Board of Supervisors and members of the Public Works Department completed our annual road tour.  Each township road was evaluated, a list of road maintenance and repairs created, and a master work scheduled established for the months of May through October 2015 in which to complete maintenance and repair work.  You will find more detailed information about road work to be done in the Public Works Department article which follows, along with information about the recent grants awarded to the Township for our roads.

The second issue, the deteriorated and unsafe conditions of our local state-maintained roads has been an ongoing issue for some time.  On April 6, 2015, the Supervisors met with representatives of PennDOT at the PennDOT Maintenance District 12-4 Office in Eighty Four, PA.  At that time, we presented the many issues concerning the state-maintained roads in Independence Township which included the following: PennDOT’s lack of bonding requirements and posting of weight limits for State Roads 884, 50, portions of 231 and 331, and the impact of gas industry heavey truck traffic on these roads; the need for full-depth road reclamation and repaving of State Routes 844, 50, 231 and 331; bridge repairs; bridge replacements-the bridge on Cross Creek Road in downtown Avella and the bridge on Route 331 at Narigon Road which as been absent for over 10 years; potholes; deteriorated road shoulders; culvert replacements and debris flushing; lack of mowing and tree trimming; lack of debris and garbage pick-up.